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About ReeCha

ReeCha Organic (Pvt) Limited is a private company duly registered under the laws of Sri Lanka. The ReeCha Farm is principally an organic working farm, which houses a collection of micro-businesses, all sharing a common goal. We invite you to come and visit us and see for yourself how the farm operates, particularly in the way that it supports the environment and contributes to living a healthier lifestyle. Our 150-acre working farm is home to livestock and chickens, all of which roam freely and are used for meat and eggs in the on-site restaurant, ReeCha Forest Island Cafe and produce store. As you stroll across the site you will find fields of flowers and row upon row of lush green vegetables, which are also used and sold on-site. The Farm’s buildings service a dynamic hub of like-minded micro businesses: ReeCha Forest Island Cafe, our restaurant, the love bench, children park and the Garden Shed. We also offer onsite workshops for adults and children in our spectacular spaces, which are perfect for private and bespoke events. We hope you enjoy your visit to The Farm and leave feeling inspired to make even the smallest change towards a healthier, more harmonious existence with our land, our animals, and our plants.

Chairman's Message

Kandiah Baskaran

The richness of our resources in the Indian Ocean, the pearl of Sri Lanka, is boundless to see, experience and enjoy the natural features of nature. All of this brings joy to the mind, but in today's world the unparalleled landscapes that mother earth has created for us are like carved sculptures looking for a sculptor, carelessly weeded out. All the arable lands have become barren and withered and dry, they are longing for something. In response to these questions of mother nature, it occurred to me that all these neglected lands should be enriched, refined and revived. The ReeCha Organic Farm is an expression of that basic idea. By actualizing different ventures on our farm, I need to completely build up that we are forever well rooted with nature and will still be. It has been a long-standing desire of mine to fight for those who are required to outlive without adequate livelihoods in today's situation and to build jobs that will build a community to survive and create a permanent income for them. The consensus of these ideas is to transform our 150 acres of natural land into recreational areas and arable lands to develop the livelihoods of our integrated community, to develop our knowledge of agriculture and nature, and to entertain the needs of future generations. Also the tourists can enjoy their leisure activities. It gives me great satisfaction that many of the victims of our civil war have been transformed into beneficiaries and workers in the growth and rise of this farm. The project is also aimed at mobilizing the resources of the homeland and creating such a nature-integrated farm, especially in the past, to encourage and mobilize diaspora investors who have not been able to reap the maximum benefits from such projects due to lack of proper maintenance and planning in the homeland. Through such long-term planning and continuous improvements, we will ensure and guarantee the existence of our race, the beauty of nature and a creation of a prosperous and healthy future. Over the next 5 years we will be able to establish our ReeCha Farm as a tourism and industrial science center known for its organic farming, integrated products and hobbies, both locally and internationally. Hospitality is another thing that plays a special role in our native life that continues uninterrupted with nature along with the land around the sea environment and the field space. The only hope of our farm is to welcome you on your visit to our farm and to welcome you with the delicacies of the northern peninsula 'Odial Kool' and to give you a strong and complete and enjoyable experience.


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ReeCha Organic (Pvt) Limited is a private company duly registered under the laws of Sri Lanka. The R...

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